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Easy Scrub Pro 7 in 1

    153 reviews

  • Clean without dealing with Back, Shoulder, and Knee Pain

  • No need to get on a Ladder or your Hands and Knees

  • Easily Recharge with any Type C Cable

  • 1-Year warranty And 90-day returns

  • Free Shipping

Are you Tired of Back, Knee, Shoulder or Elbow pain after cleaning? Or just being sore. Then the Easy Scrub Pro may be for you! Our adjustable brush can be almost five long or a small as a foot. This means no more getting on ladder to clean ceiling or get on your hand and knees either.

It comes with 7 different clean brushes for almost any surface. The brushes can clean your kitchen counter, the stove, even your car. But we haven't even mentioned the best part… The easy scrub pro rotates at 300 rotation per minute meaning you do even need elbow grease to make almost anything you want look like new.

 Now we don't blame you if you think our cleaning brush sounds a bit unbelievable. But you have nothing to worry about. Every Bush we sell is backed by our 90-day No questions asked return policy and one year warranty. All you have to do to get yours is click the dark blue button below!

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A brush Head For Every Surface

Seven Unique Brush Heads

The Easy Scrub Pro comes with seven different easily detachable brush heads. One for every surface and situation. Guaranteeing you will always have the right scrubber for the job and not have to worry about damaging or scratching whatever you're cleaning. 

Easily Rechargeable- No batteries needed

Simply charge the Easy Scrub Pro by plugging in any type C connector and get 90-minutes of continues pain-free cleaning 

Tackle Any Cleaning Project

The Brush can transform into three different lengths and has a brush for every kind of surface. Making it perfect for any cleaning project

Dont worry its IPX7 Waterproof 

Dont worry about dipping the brush in water or your favorite cleaning solution, It is IPX7 Waterproof meaning there no chance of damaging the brush or charging port

Clean More and Faster then Ever before

With its up to five feet in lenth and 7 differnt brush heads. You can clean parts of your home you never where able to before with ease.

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Eleanor. H

"I have issues with bending down and leaning over. This makes this needed task easy for me. I didn't have to bend due to the wand. The attachments were great for the hard water and soap scum removal! I love the tapered pointy brush because it gets in the corners and the nooks and crannies of the door framing of the shower. It is light weight and didn't give me arm or wrist fatigue. I told my husband how easy it was to clean the shower and how shocked I was!" 

Easy Scrub Pro

Traditional Brush


1 year 90-day Returns


Powerful 300RPM motor

Cleans Fast

Cleans Slow

Need to get on a ladder

No bending or kneeling

Potentially Pain-Free Cleaing

Can be Used to clean Any Surface

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Frequently Asked Question

How long does the battery last on the EASY SCRUB PRO?

The Electric Spin Scrubber typically has a battery life of approximately 60 to 90 minutes on a full charge, providing ample time for thorough cleaning sessions.

Can It use the EASY SCRUB PRO on delicate surfaces such as glass or mirrors?

Yes, the Easy Scrub Pro is designed to be versatile. It includes brush heads suitable for delicate surfaces like glass or mirrors, ensuring safe and effective cleaning.

Can I use the Electric Spin Scrubber in wet environments, like the shower?

Absolutely! The Easy Scrub Prois designed to be water-resistant, making it safe and effective for use in wet environments, such as the shower or bathroom.

How do I clean the brush heads after use?

To clean the brush heads, simply detach them from the scrubber, rinse with water, and let them air dry. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance.

Is the Easy Scrub waterproof?

Yes, Easy Scrub Pro brush is waterproof and can be used in wet conditions. However, it's important to avoid submerging the entire unit in water.

What is The Warranty and Return Policy

you have nothing to worry about! The Easy Scrub Pro comes with 1-year warrrantly and 90-day returns

90 Day Moneyback 


We offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not amazed, return the product for a full refund—no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Free Shipping For All Orders

90 Day Moneyback Gurantee

Easy Returns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Zach Beck

Why easier to scrub the tub and shower floor when you dont have to bend over. Its been working good for a couple months now. No complaints to report so far

Gretchen Holland

I wish I had found this years ago! This is a game changer if you’re like me and hate cleaning the shower. I was in a car accident years ago and have back problems , I have a hard time bending over to clean my shower. So this has made it so much easier and now I don’t dread cleaning my shower/tub! Best purchase in a long time! Plus it’s long enough to stand and clean my tile floors/grout, seriously the best invention for anyone with back issues like me.

Lillian Lloyd

I don’t do a whole lot of reviews but I went out of my way to post this one. This is a great scrubber. I used it to clear about 20 years of built up soap scum in my shower. I thought my shower enclosure was supposed to be a light yellow color. No not he case at all. Now it’s bright white and super clean. I didn’t have to bend over at all. I used the large brush mostly and the cone brush for the corners. It’s super powerful and didn’t scratch anything. The only recommendation I have is to add an optional clamp on handle so you can really dig in but it’s great the way it is. I am glad I won this. It’s works great.

Geoffrey Yates

Very useful. Helps the ol' back not hurt too

Melinda Brandt

I am a middle aged adult and am just now discovering this tool which could have made years of cleaning my house soooo much easier!! Full disclosure, I don’t normally clean my own house, but I have found that my house cleaners don’t always do a totally thorough job so I have to step in now and then and do some myself. This tool makes cleaning way faster and so much easier! I also found that I don’t even need as much cleaning spray when using this brush, maybe because it can scrub more efficiently than just my arm power alone. I am kind of obsessed with the dome brush, that thing cleans toilets, sinks, bathtubs, etc., anything that is curved at all. I used this scrubber several times yesterday, on and off over a period of a few hours, to clean 2 bathrooms (they were super gross), and this tool held its charge and kept its power level even. I don’t know where this tool has been my whole life, but I’m not giving it up!