Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp
Crystal Lantern Lamp

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This exquisite lamp has won multiple awards with its ability to add a touch of sophistication and brilliance to any space. The Crystal Lantern effortlessly creates a captivating ambiance that will mesmerize and inspire anyone around it

A Blend Of Scandinavian Design Paired With Japanese Minimalism

Transform Your Space Into A Sanctuary Of Luxury 

Designed by Klarako's Scandinavian-centric approach to lighting mixed with a Japanese essentialism perspective - the Crystal Lantern came together as a pairing of two complimenting ideas that resulted in a beautiful manifestation of sleek luxury with astonishing style

A Uniquely Innovating Approach To Crystal Lighting

This lamp redefines lighting quality and transparency by pairing a crystal glass light with our in-house developed "sunny side up" LED. The light refracts naturally through the crystal light that's hand-polished to perfection. The encasing is fully removable to give the light dynamism & additional features

Award Winning Craftsmanship That Imbues Functionality

This lamp offers aesthetic appeal, but is also highly practical. It features a convenient touch control panel, allowing you to effortlessly switch it on or off and adjust the brightness with a simple touch. The lamp is also wireless with the ability to charge.

Adds a Touch of Class & Elegance To Every Space

Award-winning for a reason, the Crystal Lantern takes any space and adds a touch of class instantly. Timeless both in its design and aesthetic, it stands as a beacon of luxury that transcends trends and is sure to illuminate the eyes of every guest & modern design aficionado

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Beautifully Lights Up Every Corner of Your Home, Hotel, or Restaurant


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Benefits / Features

Benefits / Features:

✔️ Crystal encapsulation for a beautiful, ambient tone

✔️ Wireless functionality

✔️ 3-color temperatures

✔️ Long-lasting battery

✔️ Removable exterior

✔️ Perfect for indoor, outdoor and water-resistant use



Material: Stainless Steel Cage, Zinc Alloy (Chrome Plating), Crystal Glass, ABS, Silicon Rubber

Size: 9×17.5cm / 3.6×6.9in

Weight: 0.65kg / 1.43lb

Color: Gold, Silver, Black

Waterproof Performance: IP65

Color Temperature: 1900-2400K

Dimming: 3 stages

Power Supply: USB rechargeable

Lighting Time: LOW / 200 hours, MID / 100 hours, HIGH / 50 hours

Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6V / 5200mA

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Is it suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, it is! It's designed with an industrial finish to suit rain, cold, snow or sunshine. You can leave it outdoors and light up your patio!

Does it run on battery or can it be charged? If chargeable, how long does the charge last?

It is battery-powered, which means it comes with a charger that you need to charge before it can be used wirelessly.

Time to full charge: 6-8 hours of charging

How long does the charge last: 15-50 hours depending on usage frequency

Is it suitable as a reading light?

Yes, it is! Many customers have reviewed our lamp and loved it for reading or as a night light for work.

Is there a timer installed in the lamp?

There is no timer installed. The light turns off when it runs out of battery or when you turn it off.

Can we replace the bulb when it stops working?

Yes, it is! All our bulbs are efficiently manufactured to last for 2500 hours, after which they need to be replaced.

Does it need to be charged in at all times or is it wireless?

It can be used completely wirelessly after it has been charged. It can also be used while charged

Is the packaging secure enough that it won't arrive damaged?

Our lights are all delivered in Klarako's special packaging, which is packed with security measures to ensure the light arrives undamaged. We have perfected the necessary level of security after selling more than 100,000 lights!

Does the lamp come with an instruction manual?

Yes, it does! Each light comes with instructions. We also have our own instruction webpage in our help center here

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

We first saw a light like this at a 5 star hotel in Mexico, and was thrilled to find it being sold by Klarako. It is a very pretty and heavy little lamp that we use on the table outdoors. Charges easily, looks elegant, and puts out just the right amount of mood lighting, which can be easily adjusted. Easy to move around, and we find many places to use it.


Handsome and stylish lamp, but not very brightThis lamp has a striking design, and is well-built, with an aluminum body (colored to look like brass) and what feels like solid glass (although it might be Lucite). Operation is fairly simple, with one touch button that toggles between 3 different light hues. Touching and holding the button while the light is on will dim or brighten it.This lamp works best as a night light or mood lighting, because at its brightest, it still won't be very effective at illuminating a desk or bedside if you want to do work or reading. It's a bit pricey, but it definitely doesn't look or feel cheap. Would make a really nice gift.


Award winning for a reason. What a beautiful light refraction, perfectly lighting up any dark room. Makes my living room area look gorgeous at night

Andrea Němcová

The craftsmanship on this lamp feels unreal, like it should be worth $500. The light refraction is also beautiful, lights up any room so wonderfully. Really happy with this purchase

Jeff R.

Puts a smile on our face! We use it as a night light and placed it so that it is featured. Beautifully done lamp.

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